Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent – See The Stars

This review is about the Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent see the stars. While on your next Camping Adventure be sure to have a tent that will keep you dry, comfortable, and allow to breathe easy knowing your shelter and bedding will keep you warm and dry for the night. 

Within this review we have look closely at this particular tent, we have put it up, pulled it down had a good look at the parts and poles and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is quite durable, weather-resistant, value for money, and a tent that should last several seasons if maintained and stored correctly.

We would be certainly happy to purchase this for a small family or a few adults for occasional camping in fair to moderate weather conditions and believe we would be assured of a safe and comfortable shelter.

Read the review and check it out online and I’m sure you will agree with us that this is a good shelter at a good price.                                                                                                                                                   

The Key Features.


The Wenzel Klondike is a cabin-style tent that guarantees ample room for up to 8 people. Expect high walls in the main room which measure 78 inches.

These especially come in handy for all individuals who prefer to comfortably stand upright when inside the tent. With such a tall tent, you have the luxury of putting up bunk beds.

This facilitates organization and space created for even more happy campers.

Light Weight.

This is a lightweight tent with an area-weight ratio of 1.2 m²/kg. The entire tent weighs 27.3 lbs which is quite impressive for such a spacious tent.

However, this means that the ideal mode of transportation for it is a car. If you are looking for a smaller tent to carry,  then you may have to consider a backpacking tent.

Note that the Wenzel Klondike tent is not a free-standing tent so you’ll need to establish a small area in order to properly set it up. Surfaces characterized by concrete, sand, rock, gravel are not ideal as the tent needs to be staked out.

Modern Design.

The dome style design definitely makes this a modern tent. The dome style design means that the roof of the main tent looks like an actual dome.

This unique kind of roof is raised above the ground and then supported by vertical side poles. Among a group of other campers, expect this one to outrightly stand out.

It is also important to point out that the dome roof design also creates additional space that allows even the tallest campers to stand straight within the tent.

Weatherproof Features.

The screen room is designed with mesh all around. Additionally, it has panels that allow you to zip it up completely in case there’s rain. This keeps the interior well protected and dry.
The entire tent has a floor which means that you can comfortably lay mattresses on the ground without worrying about them soaking up rainwater.
All the threads, webbing and zippers are all treated with superior water repellent design to facilitate a dry tent regardless of the weather.

Easy Set up.

One of the advantages of this tent that most users seem comfortable with is the fact that it is easy to set up and disassemble.
For first time user, successfully setting this tent up might take about 20 minutes. However, it gets easier with experience.
Eventually, it may take up only 10-15 minutes of your time. The lightweight nature of the tent is a big bonus and contributor to this.

Room Divider.

Tired of the communal style type of traditional tents? Well, you’re in luck as the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent comes with a room divider. Most people use the front part of the tent as a porch which measures 60 sq feet.

This area is also great as a mudroom so that you can keep the other part of the tent clean.

The other section of the tent is definitely bigger hence the sleeping area. The two-room design definitely makes the tent look bigger and facilitate other family camping activities.

This tent also comes with a sawn-in instruction manual on how to set it up. This way, the manual is always available in case you forget how to set it up.

Easy Storage.

This dome tent comes with storage bags which facilitate easy organization and storage. Neatly stuff the tent in a duffle bag and put it away for the next camping trip.
The window covers can be conveniently stored in a pocket at the bottom of the window. Putting the tent as well as all of its accessories back into the storage bag after use is very easy and doesn’t require too much muscle.

Open Roof Window.

A feature that makes this tent stand out from the crowd is the open roof design. This being outdoor equipment means that you have the luxury of staring at the stars at night. This is a really nice feature, that sets this tent apart from a lot of its competitors.

High Quality.

The Wenzel Klondike tent is designed with a fiberglass frame, which makes it quite durable. This rules out chances of the frame easily breaking.

In addition to this, the frame uses power corners that greatly increase the stability of the tent in strong winds. The Materials used in the construction of this tent seem to be of high quality.

8 person blue tent

What are the Benefits for you?

Such a tall and spacious tent allows various activities to take place without it feeling cramped and cluttered.

Campers have the luxury of bringing a small table and playing card games without worrying about limited space.

Also roomy enough for all the best sleeping bags. This screen divider is removable in case you need the tent to be a large single room.

One of the main perks of this tent is that it is easy to set up. This is unlike heavy tents which require too much muscle when setting up.
With a lightweight tent, two people would comfortably set it up and it will take up only a few minutes of their time. 
No one likes spending hours setting up a tent. The Wenzel Klondike tent makes the setup process a fun bonding experience.
This vertical design makes this tent more stable unlike those with horizontal poles hence less likely to collapse. However, this is a mainly summer tent because snow on the roof will definitely weigh it down hence compromising its stability.
This being a water-proof tent means that you can enjoy your camping experience without worrying about your belongings getting wet.
When you are outdoors, you can comfortably leave your belongings in the tent and still find them dry regardless of the weather outside.
However, I constantly recommend applying a spray-on waterproofing agent on all seams and joints before use. 
The front part of the tent (porch) can also be used as a dining area. Basically, this spacious extra room can be used in any way you wish.
The room divider comes in handy and facilitates some form of privacy.

The fact that this tent can conveniently be stuffed in a duffle bag means that it becomes compact enough to be stored in a closet or a garage shelf. Proper storage contributes to its durability.

It could be a very romantic setting, maybe you enjoy staring at the stars at night.
The open roof may also provide an opportunity that heightens the camping experience, and helps you become one with nature. Plus it’s great for the imagination.

Well made using good quality materials always shows in any build the joins and seams all nicely bonded to make a weatherproof shelter.

However, as always I recommend spending just a few dollars on a spray-on waterproofing product and spray over all joints and seams to make sure your bed will stay dry in the rain.


  1. Good height makes it user-friendly for the taller individual.
  2. Patio or front room is a good feature.
  3. Sawn in high side floor helps keep the floor area dry.


  1. Advertised as an 8 person tent but not suitable for 8 big adults as it would be uncomfortable.
  2. Always a possibility of leaking, so seal all joints with a spray-on sealer.


In wrapping up our review, you need a good night’s sleep, so when camping there is no reason not to enjoy it otherwise what’s the point.

Try to be as comfortable as you can and purchase good quality equipment that will not break the bank, but will give you good service for an extended period.

There is a lot to like about this tent and these are just a couple of the reasons why.

After a day of strenuous activities like swimming, abseiling, hiking, gathering firewood, this all takes a lot of energy, and it’s important that you get a good night’s rest.

This tent will provide you with what we believe to be a very good dry and comfortable shelter and we would highly recommend this tent for a small to medium family, or a small group of 4 adults plus their gear.

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For a great comparison list check out the Best Camping Tents for more information and lots of good tents.

If you have any more questions about the Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.


5 thoughts on “Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent – See The Stars”

  1. Thanks for sharing a great product. I have thought about buying a tent to camp with my family.

    I have never enjoyed camping at all, but now that I have small kids, I can see that in the near future I will want to do that, so my kids can get the experiences, which are actually cool.

    I believe that since my parents never went camping with us, I do not like it. Also, I have to admit that I have been camping a few times in my whole life. I should do it more often.

    I think this tent is pretty ample, as you described, and the price is pretty accessible. I always thought that tents were more expensive, even if you wanted to buy a single one.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Oscar, I believe camping can be a wonderful experience that can give children many joyful memories. It also creates opportunity to learn lessons about our environment and themselves that are not available in the classroom.  The simple act of collecting wood and lighting a fire will stay in their there memories for a lifetime. Thanks for your comment.

      The Wenzel Klondike 8 is a very good entry level tent.


  2. I like your review of the Klondike tent. I used to enjoy camping when I was younger, but now I have a bad back and my family hates the idea of camping. There are no shops in the wild, but plenty of bugs.

    If we were to go camping, I think this tent would fit our needs. I really like the two room design. The porch would be the perfect place to hang out while being protected from bugs and the enclosed part would be great for sleeping or even naps.

    I sure hope it’s simple to set up, as people like me find it really easy to install things backward.

    • Hi Peter, nice to receive your comment, i love camping in the wild, and i’m glad there are no shops there. The Wenzel Klondike is a terrific tent that has some really good features. It is simple to erect and the porch is a great place to hang out, I’m sure you would enjoy camping again, when you have a nice tent like this one as a safe and secure shelter.

      I’m a bit like you i try to build or erect something, then read the instructions last. 

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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