What is the Best Sleeping Bag This season – Here is your answer

When asking What Is The Best Sleeping Bag you need to consider three of the most crucial things that you need from this kind of camping gear, comfort, convenience, and importantly, protection from the elements.

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They come in all shapes, designs, and sizes, so which sleeping bag you go for if you want to make your camping trip a smashing success is relative, as we all have different tastes and preferences.

It’s here where the difference becomes apparent, as going for a cheap sleeping bag could land you in a lot of trouble if it can’t hold up against the unpredictable outdoor environment.

Now, the thing is, what exactly does it take a sleeping bag to offer to make sure you get the best experience, I guess that’s probably what you are here to find out.

I will be taking you through some of the top picks that an outdoor person should consider adding to their list of must-haves.

My intention is to provide you with the information you seek in your search for the right sleeping bag for your personal circumstances and to hopefully give you the solution to your bedding needs.


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Let’s start on our list of the Top 8 With My Favorite

1.Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

This is a sleeping bag that never disappoints when it comes to performance, especially with the spacious 87 inches by 59 inches double sleeping bag size.

This jumbo is roomy enough to accommodate two adults without sacrificing on the wiggle room or comfort. And separating it is nothing complicated. 

The ability of this bag to work as two individual sleeping bags is a thing we love. With the ability to guarantee ideal warmth and comfort even at 32-degrees, it’s definitely built for cold climate conditions.

  • So, whether you are setting out on a camping, hiking, or travel, this bag ensures you won’t be shivering all night long.
  • A waterproof camping grade polyester fabric that the outer shell is made of further adds to the long list of exciting features.
  • Then, when you slide inside, the inner lining will awe you at how soft and comfortable it feels.

Add the easy portability of this bag (thanks to its lightweight design) to the mix, and you have the perfect solution to your outdoor sleeping needs, but it doesn’t end there; this bag also comes with a lifetime warranty, so it’s not a matter of hype, the manufacturer truly stands behind their quality.

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2.TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double

 If the size is important for you, then going big is always the best option at your disposal, and when it comes to this TETON Sports Mammoth, most other bags just can’t compare.

This one is longer as well as wider than a queen-sized mattress at 94 inches by 62 inches, it is certainly roomy enough.

Sufficient room is far from the only thing you need to enjoy a comfortable sleep, as staying warm is also crucial. Not to worry, TETON Sports is sure to keep you warm enough even in some extreme temperatures.

  • You can always use it with a sleeping pad if you want a warmer sleep on the cold ground.
  • Besides, it also comes with shoulder draft tubes that help the warm air stays in.
  • Full-length zippers and an innovative fiberfill ensures ultimate warmth. 
  • Then a thermal enhancing double layer design with offset stitching ensures that your sleeping bag doesn’t have any cold spots.
  • Also, keep in mind that the anti-snag, taped zippers on this bag open on both sides as well as the bottom, which not only gives you easy access but also allows you to stick out your feet in warm nights for a little breeze.

Storing and transporting your bag is also very convenient. This is where you will need the compression sack that this bag comes with, which enables you to stuff the bag in there with ease and simply tighten the straps.

But the best part is that you’ll never have to roll your sleeping bag again. 

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3.TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag

Here is another from a name that has become popular among outdoor diehards thanks to their impressive outdoor gear, and this all-season camping sleeping bag lives up to the hype when it comes to getting the job done.

At a remarkable 90 inches long and up to 39 inches wide, you can bet that space is the last thing you will ever have to worry about with this sleeping bag.

Stay warm through the night with this sleeping bag’s ability to keep you warm even at 35 degrees F, thanks to a double-layer design and warm flannel lining that offers unprecedented heat retention.

  • It also comes with staggered seams that distribute the fill evenly inside the bag to ensure minimal compression and any chilly spots.
  • The 100-percent canvas that the outer shell is made of is also sure to blow you away when it comes to durability, as it is not only tough on the elements, but it can also last for years.
  • Comfort is one of the things you should never sacrifice in any sleeping bag, and this one ensures you can get the best of comfort thanks to its half-circle mummy design.

What’s more, since it unzips on either side, you can get into your sleeping bag with ease, not to mention that this design also ensures the best airflow you could ever ask for.

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4.Outdoor Vitals Summit Down Sleeping Bag

Keeping your feet warm is crucial for getting sufficient night sleep, and this bag comes with a unique design that helps you achieve just that.

Summit has removed some down from beneath the back and added to the feet area, which enables it to keep your feet warmer without adding any weight.

When it comes to portability, this bag really puts the competition to shame, as it is not only an ultralight option, but it also packs very small for easy transportation.

  • Built with top-notch 800-fill power, this bag takes the cake when it comes to warmth to weight ratio.
  • The last thing you ever have to worry about when out there is shivering through the night.
  • What’s more, it also features a water-resistant coating on the down and a lasting, ripstop shell to enable you to stay dry even when camping in an area with damp conditions.

And of course, a lifetime warranty is the other thing that makes this bag worth a hard look, as it’s not just about the hype, Summit stands solidly behind their quality; they’re always ready and willing to fix any craftsman issues that might come up.

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5.Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag For Big and Tall Adults 

Our list rolls on, and now this bag beats most of the options in its tier to offer you an impressive performance that you can count on when spending a night in the cold outdoors.

The first outstanding feature you get in this sleeping bag is its semi-sculpted hood, which you can tighten using a drawstring to enable lock in the heat on an excessively cold night.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will be in for a total roast on a warm summer night, as you can unzip the bag at the bottom to get the much-needed additional ventilation.

  • With the ability to work even at 0-degrees F, it’s definitely a go-to option if you are heading in an area with some nasty weather.
  • And talking of extreme weather, this sleeping bag also packs in an insulated footbox, a thermolock draft tube as well as the quilting construction that gives it unbeatable heat retention to keep you warm.
  • A snagging sleeping bag when you are zipping it can be a serious frustration, and as such the ZipPlow system in this one very handy, as it ensures the fabric never snags when you are zipping the bag.
  • With the ability to accommodate people up to 6 ft 2 inches, this bag comes across as an ideal pick for tall and short people alike.

An included stuff sack makes the storage, toting, and handling of this bag a breeze, which is also a great addition to its list of exciting features.

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6.Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

Want to go light with the kids, well, this one’s for you. Its lightweight design and a compression sack make transporting this sleeping bag simple, so it’s a good choice for the children.

First, this sleeping bag is built for cold weather conditions, with a rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it ideal for icy conditions.

And the warmth is not the only thing you are going to get with this bag, as it is also waterproof as well as weather-resistant, which makes it great for the outdoors.

  • It packs in such features as a barrel-shaped design, which widens at the shoulders but is narrow at the legs, ensuring ultimate comfort, warmth, as well as enough wiggle room.
  • Cleaning your sleeping bag is one of the most important things you need to do. But this isn’t as easy as it might come across, especially when it comes to most sleeping bags.
  • Thankfully, this one gives you every reason to enjoy easy cleaning as it is ideal for machine wash. 

It is also skin-friendly thanks to its polyester lining and a tough 210T polyester material on the outer shell that makes it every bit as durable. A double fill technology further makes it perfect for ensuring ideal protection for your body, which is also a big plus.

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7.Wildhorn King Cove Premium Double Sleeping Bag

Isn’t it nice to find a sleeping bag that can cater to all your camping needs whether you go solo or set out as a pair? Well, that’s what Wildhorn king Cove is all about.

You can easily convert it to either single, 43 inches by 72 inches, or double 80 inches by 72 inches sleeping bag depending on your needs.

With an impressive rating of 30 degrees Trutemp, you can bet that this bag is going to keep you nicely warm and cozy even during some of the nasty cold nights.

  • Even when your bag gets wet, you still won’t have to panic, as it features insulation that enables it to retain heat and keep you warm enough.
  • Not forgetting, it also comes with a hood that you can easily cinch using an inbuilt draw-cord to reduce heat loss at freezing temperatures.
  • The outside quilt features an impressive 70D X 220T DWR poly that offers unbeatable durability. The tough exterior helps keep your sleeping bag in the best condition possible over the decades.

Slide inside this sleeping bag and you find an even more exciting, breathable Softex liner, which also proves to be great at moisture wicking to ensure you can enjoy comfortable sleep all night long. What’s more, the liner is also easily removable so easy to wash with a machine as well.

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8.CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

This one assures comfortable sleeping, thanks to its roomy interior, which gives you more than enough wiggle room with up to 82.6 inches by 31.5 inches of interior space.

What’s more, you also get a bottom zipper, which you can simply unzip and stick your feet out during warm nights.

The two-zipper system in this bag not only makes zipping and unzipping your bag super easy, but it’s also very convenient.

  • The issue of durability and comfort is one you can’t afford to ignore when it comes to discussing matters concerning sleeping bags.
  • And it’s here where the 230T polyester surface material in this bag comes into play at ensuring lasting service.
  • Then hollow cotton that’s used as the filler proves to be not only plush enough to offer you an unprecedented comfort, but it’s also very skin-friendly.
  • Water repellant construction is the other remarkable feature that this bag comes with, which makes it perfect for damp weather conditions.

Then when it comes to portability, you can’t ever go wrong with the lightweight design of this bag, as well as the included compression sack that makes storing or transporting as easy as it is fun.

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The size counts

You will find many features that need scrutiny when shopping for a sleeping bag, but the size is by far one of the most important things to consider here. One thing to keep in mind is that these bags vary in length and width intended to fit different people’s sizes. If you want the best warmth from a bag, make sure it doesn’t have too much room left around your body, but still, a little room is important to enable you to move around while sleeping without feeling restricted.


When it comes to the length, you also need to get the measurements right, and most importantly, consider one that’s a level above your height so that you can fit in nicely as well. It’s also worth noting that the market has some bags with a “women” or “men” label. One difference here is usually on the design, as the women’s ones are wide around the hips and narrow on the shoulders, with the reverse being the case for men’s bags.


Another is the comfort rating between men and women temperatures differ so choosing the warmth rating is another factor in the size. The best you can do to be sure that the sleeping bag you are bringing along is a perfect is to try it out before setting out on your adventure. Be sure to test it under the warranty period so you can return it if it doesn’t stack up.

Is it warm enough

The essence behind a sleeping bag is quite simple; it should keep you safe from the elements, essentially by keeping you warm and dry. And as such, the temperature rating of any sleeping bags really matters when it comes to weighing its ability to keep you comfortable out there.

Simply put, the temperature rating is the temperature at which the sleeping bag can manage to keep you warm through the night. Some come with a “lower limit” rating, while others have “comfort ratings,” which in most cases, are up to 15 degrees or warmer. The other ratings you will likely find in most sleeping bags include the following.

  • EN comfort is the lowest temperature that an average woman will be able to sleep warm and comfortable with long pants and perhaps a hat as well.
  • Then there’s EN Lower Limit, which is the ideal temperature for a man to sleep in cozy warmth, keep in mind that men tend to sleep warmer when compared to women.
  • An EN Upper Limit is the highest temperature for a man to sleep without experiencing instances of sweating during the night.
  • Then EN Extreme means the lowest temperature at which a woman will be able to sleep without running the risk of hypothermia.


Sleeping bags usually come with either of two types of insulation; some feature down insulation, while others come with synthetic insulation.

Let’s begin with synthetic insulation, which is generally cheaper, and make a great option if you want a bag that can retain heat well when wet. The only problem with these bags is that they can be a bit heavier, so if you want to go light and fast, then this might not be the best option for you.

Sleeping bags that feature down insulation also come with their benefits and a fair share of downsides. The good thing about these bags is that you can compress them with much ease. They also tend to be more durable and are a better pick when it comes to efficiency as far as insulation goes. 

On the downside, however, these bags cost a pretty penny as compared to their synthetic counterparts, and if down gets wet they will be very little use in keeping you warm.

And the fill power too

Fill power simply means the quality you can get with the down filler in your sleeping bag, which determines how fluffy the bag can get. You can find different ratings, ranging all the way from 500 to 900. In this case, the higher the rating means less weight for the bag, but the warmer experience.

Better yet, bags with higher ratings tend to be better at compressing into compact packages for easy storage and transportation. The only problem here is that you have to front an extra cost with such high-rated sleeping bags.

Depending on your circumstance and where you intend to use the bag, mild weather won’t require such a high rating where extreme adventuring needs a bag which is definitely worth every penny.

Quilt vs. mummy sleeping bag

You will mostly find sleeping bags with two distinct shapes, which include the quilts and the mummy style. 

The quilt-style bags are more like a down comforter that you can use for your bed and usually work in pretty much the same way, as you can use it with a mattress pad. Some even might come with straps for connecting them to your sleeping pad.

Quilts make an ideal option for many as they are mostly lightweight, and their insulation is remarkable especially in environments with mild conditions.

On their side, mummy-style bags enable you to tuck your whole body, including the head, into the bag. This design makes mummy sleeping bags the go-to option if you will be spending the night in extremely cold and windy areas. Besides, they also feature extra insulation around the head, which is a plus as this ensures ideal protection for your head from the biting cold.

How heavy does it need to be

It’s one of the most essential things you need to consider when shopping for any outdoor gear, as carrying unnecessary weight could not only turn out to be strenuous, but it also weighs you down and costs you precious time. The good thing is that not all the sleeping bags out there are too heavy to tote along on a long hike, you can find some advertised as being only 4-5  pounds, and some ultralight options weighing only 1-2 pound.

In most cases, light bags will cost more than the others will, but it’s better to front the higher cost than getting a lightweight sleeping bag at the expense of the insulation, so keep an eye out for that as well. Once again be sure to determine where it is you will be needing the bag and what temperatures you can expect to encounter.

Down-to-feather ratio

This ratio is necessary for giving you a hint of the quality that the down in the sleeping bag. This usually comes in as a fraction, in which case the down percentage comes first, for instance, a 90/10 ratio, in which the down is 90 percent while the feather is 10 percent. If the percentage of the feather is lower than the quality of the down, then it goes to show that the sleeping bag packs in a better down quality.

Don’t miss the zippers

While the zippers might not sound like one of the most important features to keep an eye on when it comes to sleeping bags, they prove to be every bit as crucial in a number of ways. You will find zippers that run the full length of the sleeping bag, others extend up to three quarters, but others are not so long. Each of these comes with its benefits and a fair share of shortcomings. The full-length zipper, for instance, gives you unprecedented flexibility when using the sleeping bag. However, such a zipper could make the bag a bit heavier.

A zipper that isn’t as long as a full-length one might be ideal at cutting the weight of the bag, although it’s not that much of a difference, you will have to trade off the flexibility that you would get with a full-length one. Again, the choice is all yours, so just weigh your options and go for the one that would work best for you.

Is it waterproof/water-resistant

Just how efficient a sleeping bag is at keeping the water out and ensuring you stay warm and dry while inside could mean a world of difference. As such, most of these bags come with an outer nylon shell that can be waterproof up to a point or water-resistant depending on the one you go for. It all comes down to a durable water repellent, which causes the water to bead up outside the bag instead of making its way into the inside.

The only problem is, the DWR incorporated in these bags during manufacturing, will eventually wear off. And while some bags are advertised to stay warm even when wet, especially the synthetic type, it’s always best to keep your bag dry for the best experience.

The cost

When it comes to buying just about any outdoor gear, the cost is one of the things that will have to cross your mind at one point or the other. And if you are shopping for a sleeping bag on a tight budget, then the price is most likely where you would cast an eye first. One thing to keep in mind is that sleeping bags vary widely in terms of brand, material, as well as a different style among other factors. And as such, the prices vary significantly too.

But if you don’t have much to spend on a sleeping bag, don’t worry just yet, you can still find a good one even at $50 and all the way to the top-end options at around $500 and anything in-between. Nevertheless, remember that a sleeping bag is one of the most crucial components of your equipment that you can bring along on an outdoor adventure, so it’s worth going the extra mile to get a quality one even at a slightly higher cost.


At the end of it all, one thing you can’t afford to ask at the back of your mind is, “So, how long is my sleeping bag likely to last?” Well, it’s natural to wonder how long any equipment could last, especially when you factor in the unforgiving outdoor environment, which can be relentless on your stuff. This is where the need for a quality purchase becomes so real.

Let’s face it; if you front the extra cost, get a high-quality bag, and maintain it well, you could be looking at up to 20 years of service. But this is not to say that cheaper, lesser quality sleeping bags are a bad idea since they too can last you a good number of years.

Make sure to have clean suitable clothes on when sleeping in your bag, which first and foremost helps in keeping you warm, also helps prevent oil, sweat, and dirt from your body, building up on your sleeping bag. Also, regular washing is great for your bag, not to mention that you should make sure to keep it dry, especially by hanging it to air dry, whenever possible.

A little about cleaning your sleeping bag

While still at it, let’s take a brief at some of the best ways to clean your bag. According to experts, it would be best to wash a sleeping bag once a year, but this will depend on how dirty it gets in use. However, it’s best to try and keep it clean than have to wash it.

Make sure to keep an eye out, especially on the tag, for any washing instructions that the sleeping bag could come with before you embark on any cleaning. Using the recommended cleaning method is the best way to go as it could enhance the durability of your bag.

Also, spot cleaning with a mild spot and some water using a sponge or clean cloth could also prove to be a great option at your disposal as far as keeping your sleeping bag clean goes. One excellent idea is to use an inner liner inside the bag or buy a bag with a removable inner liner then just wash the liner


To wind up on the issues that you need to be keen on as far as sleeping bags go, let’s talk about the storage. And you may find out that storing your sleeping bag when it’s compressed is never a good idea. For one, this could damage its insulation, something you definitely don’t want.

What’s more, if you compress it and tuck it away without having allowed it to dry well, mold could easily develop, which could spell disaster for your bag. The best way to store your sleeping bag is by keeping it out of its stuff sack, usually stretched in full length. But you can as well hang it up, it all depends on what’s the best option for you.

My Picks:

The Best Overall Sleeping Bag:        Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

The Best X-Large Sleeping Bag:           TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size

The Best Mummy Single Bag:           Outdoor Vitals Summit Down Sleeping Bag


A sleeping bag offers a whole lot more than just comfort and convenience when sleeping in the outdoors and the type of bag you tote along could make or break the success of your trip.

Bring onboard a too-heavy bag that you can’t carry around with ease, one that’s too insulated to use on a summer night, or too large to insulate you from the cold, and you could be in for some serious disappointment.

Thankfully, with all the details that we’ve discussed in this topic, making the right choice no longer has to be a struggle for you. Better yet, we’ve put across some of the top picks for you so you can have an easy time selecting the ideal bag for your trip.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality sleeping bags with a lot more information for your next adventure read my post on the Best Sleeping Bags    

If you have any more questions on What Is The Best Sleeping Bag, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. Dear Shane,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and insightful guide on Sleeping bags. You left no stone un-turned in explaining all the details about sleeping bags.

    Compared to Quilt, Mummy style sleeping bag seems to be the best option for me because my camping trip is often in the extremely cold and windy areas.

    The price range which starts from $50 is great news. However, as you advised will go for a quality long-lasting one for a price of around $150. Outdoor Vitals Summit Sleeping Bag is the one I am interested with. Lifetime warranty is just like icing on the cake and the price is also under my budget.

    Outdoor Vitals Summit qualifies on many of the features and requirements you shared.

    Best wishes to you, your family and your success,

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words, if you are camping in cold weather a good sleeping bag is essential and the Outdoor Vitals Summit Sleeping Bag is a real winner. They are hugely popular, rate very highly, and would be a wonderful choice, be sure to tell us all about it. 

      Thank you for your comment, all the best, Shane.

  2. Excellent review on all the different aspects of sleeping bags!  It has opened my mind to carefully consider what are the most likely weather conditions and whether we will be backpacking or just camping a short distance from the car.  

    I liked your pick on the SleepingO Double sleeping bag.  Many years ago my wife and I got sleeping bags that would zip together, but we found that the zipper often was in the way and one of us invariably laid on part of it, so the selection looks good for couples who want to leverage the heat from 2 different people.

    Very informative! 

    • Hi There, I am glad you liked my post, and you are right you should always carefully consider the likely weather conditions to make sure you take the correct gear. The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag Is big and comfy, and at 87 inches x 59 inches there is plenty of room for two. The inner lining is lovely and soft, and add to that a lifetime warranty, this bag becomes a serious contender.

      Thanks for your comments, Shane.

  3. I think for me as a regular camper I prefer the Mummy bag as it is so warm and snuggly and when the cold air hits the tent, I feel so glad I have a mummy bag as I know I am going to sleep well because I am warm and dry

    I will bookmark this site as I have a friend who wants a mummy as well so thank you so much for sharing all this great info

    Keep on  camping I say

    • Hi Vicki, a mummy sleeping bag sure takes some beating as a single cold-weather bedding, this is an excellent design. 

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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