Wildhorn Sleeping Bag Review – King Cove 30°F Premium Double

This Wildhorn Sleeping Bag Review will give you enough information so that by the end of this post you will know if this product suits your needs and if it holds good value.

With all it takes that count to ensure you are not only protected from the elements, but you can also enjoy the best luxury.

The good thing about this sleeping bag is that the manufacturer has put a lot of thought even to the small details to make it nothing short of remarkable.

If you are on the hunt for that ideal sleeping bag for your outdoor adventures, then you’ve come to the right page.

Stick around to find out what this sleeping bag has to offer, as well as why it could be the only additional thing you have been missing in your equipment arsenal.


The Key Features

Built to outlast the outdoors

What better way to start than looking at one of the most essential factors that you have to take into account when shopping for a sleeping bag, the durability.

Keep in mind that you will be using your bag in different and sometimes unforgiving outdoor environments.

In that case, you will need the tough construction that this bag comes with, thanks to its ripstop 70D X 220T DWR poly exterior, which goes the distance to ensure the inside stays intact for years.

Now you can venture out further into the wild with confidence.

The best comfort

Besides the durability, lasting comfort is also something you can’t afford to pass up on. No matter how effective a sleeping bag can get, if it isn’t cozy on the inside, it still won’t feel like you got the real value for that money.

Not to worry, this sleeping bag’s interior is built to give you nothing but sheer comfort, with the ability to keep you warm and comfortable even at 30-degrees F.

Perhaps the best part by far is that the insulation is capable of keeping you warm even when your bag happens to get wet, so you have no reason to panic.

Sleeping in an area with freezing temperatures? No need to fret just yet, this sleeping bag has got you covered, thanks to an included hood that you can cinch tight using an inbuilt draw-cord so you can prevent the heat from radiating and leaving you sleeplessly cold.

Easy to clean

Warm, comfortable sleeping is not all there is to a sleeping bag, sometimes you will also need to wash it occasionally to keep the interior from developing any odors due to many days of use.

And it’s here that things get a bit complicated when using most of the sleeping bags out there.

This Wildhorn bag comes with a removable interior liner that you can simply unzip to separate it from the interior of the bag.

And that’s not all yet; since the liner can also be machine-washed, this makes the cleanup even easier. Now you have every reason to enjoy fresh linen feel without ever having to clean your entire sleeping bag.

Breathable interior

The inside of any sleeping bag means a lot to the overall comfort that you can expect to get with the option you go for.

As such, it takes a sleeping bag with the ideal construction to offer you the best experience when sleeping miles away from the comfort of your home.

And true to their word, these sleeping bags deliver an ultimate luxury when it comes to comfort. T

his bag is designed with comfort in mind, so it comes with Softex liners, which are both breathable and moisture-wicking to give you an ideal sleeping environment inside.

Use it as a double or single sleeping bag

Flexibility is also something you don’t want to miss when it comes to the best sleeping bags, and believe it or not, you can find many of them out there that let you enjoy a solo sleep or a nice cuddle with your partner or friend. It all comes down to the design of the sleeping bag itself.

The good news is that this one is built to offer you the best when it comes to enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep without having to share or having someone hop in since you can convert it from a single sleeping bag to a double one.

Singularly, each bag measures 43 inches by 72 inches, meaning you will have 86 inches by 72 inches when using the double, more than sufficient room for two.

girl and a dog inside a tent

What Are The Benefits Of Owning This Sleeping Bag

An attractive design is one of the most exciting features that you are going to love about this sleeping bag. That’s what Wildhorn’s does well.

Thanks to its modern graphic which features a colorful gradient that gives it a great look, it’s sure to make you the envy of the campsite.

The conversion of this jumbo bag is not only convenient, but it also turns out to be as easy as it can ever get. This is an excellent bag to lay inside a great tent

Thanks to its simple design, all it takes is zipping it up or unzipping it to get the ideal bag for your needs whether solo or with your partner.

Its Tru-temp insulation is the other outstanding feature that this sleeping bag comes with, and one that is sure to blow you away by its ability to stay consistently warm even in very cold conditions.

With the ability to give you ultimate warmth, this sleeping bag is built to give you ideal comfort no matter where your adventures find you.

It also has a draft tube that helps prevent the cold from entering the bag through the zippers.

It’s also very compact when it comes to transportation despite being a massive sleeping bag that you can enjoy with your loved one.

It’s undeniably large when unfolded, that’s for sure, but what makes this bag great is the fact that it packs in very small, making portability super easy for you.

With included pillow pockets, you will never have to worry about your pillows moving around at night.

If you forgot to bring along a pillow that you can use, then it would be easy to fill the pockets with a sweatshirt or a puffy coat and make a simple pillow.

With stash pockets under the liner, you can always keep those valuable personal effects within reach and safe from the elements at night. It just goes to add to the long list of efficient features that this bag comes with.

The stuff sack that this sleeping bag comes with further makes portability even easier and more fun, thanks to compression straps that make closing it easy.


  1. The liner is easy to unzip as well as wash, which ensures your sleeping bag can stay clean all the time.
  2. You can decide whether to use it as a single or double bag depending on your needs and preferences.
  3. It’s a warm bag for keeping you nicely cozy through the night even in the coldest of nights.
  4. The stuff sack comes with compression straps that make it easy to handle whether when storing the bag or transporting it.
  5. The large size of this bag is one of the most outstanding things about it by far, as it ensures there’s always plenty of room inside to sleep comfortably, even for those people who toss and turn a lot at night.


  1. The zippers can sometimes catch on the material around it but it’s no different from many other zippers.  



Sleeping on a camping trip doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking, with such an ideal sleeping bag as this one; you can start enjoying your nights at the campsite once again.

We believe that we’ve given you every detail that you needed to be sure of as far as this bag goes, and now you can make the right decision. Go for it, and start living the comfortable sleeping you’ve always been yearning for whenever you go camping.

Let us know how well this sleeping bag performs on your trip. And in case you have any more questions about Wildhorn King Cove Premium Double Sleeping Bag or any other sleeping bag out there, we would love to hear from you.   

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If you have any more questions about the Wildhorn Sleeping Bag, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


10 thoughts on “Wildhorn Sleeping Bag Review – King Cove 30°F Premium Double”

  1. Hi Shane. I have a RV with a very large queen bed that is very difficult to put sheets, comforters, etc. on.. Do you think this might work well for me to avoid the headache and struggle of trying to fit sheets, etc. on? I have looked at RV Superbags, but they are very expensive.

    • Hi Bobbie, I know exactly what you are saying here, it can be a real pain to dress the bed especially if the bed is against any walls and it’s hard to get around it. I have an agreement with my wife when we are on the road that I make breakfast and get her a cup of tea, and she makes the bed. I hate it.

      I believe the idea you have of using the Wildhorn Sleeping Bag as your bedding in place of sheets is a great idea, there is plenty of room and would certainly be a solution to that problem. So I would say yes, that would be a much easier option.

      Please let me know the outcome.
      Thanks for your comment, Shane.

  2. I was looking for a quality sleeping bag for camping that would have the quality and durability to withstand the sometimes extreme conditions that I find myself in while camping in various parts of the world. It can be tough to determine what is good and not good, as, on the outside, many look alike.

    Only when you start drilling down on workmanship, materials and track record (reviews) do you start to get a clear picture of what is best to buy. This Wildhorn Sleeping King Cove 30f Premium Bag seems like an ideal candidate for use after reading through your thorough review.

    There are so many positives that I took away from your analysis and presentation that it will be hard not to select this for my camping needs. Since I am often not alone in my travels, likely I will get two so we can make a double bag out of them. This will be easy based on the design of the bag. Thanks for your efforts putting this review together, both the bag and your article are winners! 


    • Hi Dave, yes it is tough to determine good quality just by looking at things but this Wildhorn Product really stands out from the crowd. It has a high rating and is very roomy and comfortable, just remember this is a Double sleeping bag of large proportions. Thanks for your comments, Shane.

  3. really nice post Shane.  I loved camping as a child and I wish something like this existed when I was a kid.  I nevere thought about it back then but cleaning a sleeping bag is very underrated.  I remember there were nights when I sweat a lot in my sleeping bag.  I also loved that you had the video on there too so I could see it in action.  Great Post and easy to read. 

  4. Hi Shane,

    After a search for a reliable article about Wildhorn Outdoor products, I am so glad to come across your extensive review about Wildhorn Sleeping Bag, which is one of the outdoor camping items I am looking to purchase.

    I love to hear all the pros you noted about it. I agree with you zip catches are common regardless of the brand and product types. As long as zippers do not break and damage the surrounding material that all I need.

    I just wanted to thank you before following your link to purchase the item from Amazon.

    Best wishes.

    • Hi Skamalka, I am glad you found my post helpful, this Wildhorn sleeping bag is big, comfortable, and made with good quality materials that won’t let you down. Please let me know what you think when you get it, Thanks, Shane.

  5. I have a single sleeping bag right now and I take it on all my camping adventures obviously, but now I am looking for something for me and my girlfriend. I love this one and looked at the reviews on amazon and many customers love it. My only concern is that it is large and so packing might be an issue. 

    • Hi Rob, for two people this is an excellent sleeping bag very cozy extremely durable and very roomy and yes it is large and quite heavy so I would not recommend it for backpacking. Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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