Winterial Double Outdoor Tent Cot review – Portable Elevated Camp Bed

Going camping solo or maybe taking your partner, looking for a reliable shelter. I strongly suggest you check out this Winterial Double Outdoor Tent Cot review to see if this is suitable for your needs.

There’s more to a good camping shelter than just keeping you protected from the elements, it also needs to be comfortable, durable, and have enough room to accommodate you in comfort.

But with the right information, making a perfect choice shouldn’t be hard. That’s why I put together this review to help you understand what this tent can or can’t do before hitting the trail. Let’s get to it.

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Winterial Double Outdoor Camping Tent Cot

The Key Features

Elevated frame design

Sleeping in the wild can be as risky as it is fun since there’s no telling when a snake, scorpion, or other insects might sneak in to share your little comfort. Sleep off the ground, however, and you won’t have to worry about any unwanted guests stopping by in the middle of the night.   

This tent cot is built to help you sleep comfortably and with peace of mind, thanks to its outstanding 11 to 12-inch elevated frame that allows you to sleep off the ground.

Besides, this ensures more warmth retention, enables you to stay dry even when you set up camp on moist ground. And yes, you don’t have to bear with any rocks or pebbles digging into your back or tearing your sleeping bag.

Strong and waterproof material

The wild has a whole lot to throw at you, but the weather is one thing you can’t avoid so easily besides relying on the forecast and having the right gear to shelter you from the elements.

You should have reliable protection just in case conditions turn for the worst. This is where the construction and material of your tent cot could come to the rescue.

To keep you safe and comfortable in mild or extreme weather, this item features a tough 420-denier nylon fabric that is waterproof enough to keep you dry through light showers or hard-hitting downpours.

Then there’s the collapsible aluminum frame, which is not only sufficiently stout but also very lasting. This is a very different gear to a stand-alone tent and comes into its own when you need a more personal space above the ground.

All-around ventilation

There’s nothing quite like spending the night in a well-ventilated space or even taking an afternoon nap without feeling all sweaty.

But if your tent cot doesn’t have the ideal design to offer you the best of both worlds, you could get sufficient ventilation at the expense of warmth or the other way around.

Luckily, the Winterial’s four no-see-um mesh openings on each side take care of that. The mesh on the inside helps keep bugs out while letting in a fresh breeze.

Then it has flaps on the outside, which you can fold up and secure on top of the openings to give way for air and allow you to enjoy the scenic view around your campsite. 

Easy entry and exit

Hopping onto your tent cot or getting off it in the morning shouldn’t be a challenge, but this comes down to the design and features that it comes with.

And when it comes to a double tent cot like this one, the need for easy access and exit takes a whole new meaning, since you don’t want to wake your partner when getting out or coming in.

The 4-sided openings on this one do a great job at that, as you can use the one that is closest to you when you need it. And there’s more, each of these openings has zippers on the mesh as well as on the flaps.

This allows you to decide whether to open the flap for ventilation or to open it completely for entry. And it gets even better, the zippers have handy pulls that make them easy to grab on for easy use.

Roomy for two

Space becomes of the essence when it comes to a double tent cot, so having enough room in there for both of you could be all you need to make it comfortable enough. And the width is not only what you need to be keen on, the length matters too, especially if you’re considerably tall or your partner is.

That’s where the 46 inches width of this tent cot comes into play, offering enough room for two average adults to sleep in it with just some room to spare but comfortably.

The 85 inches length is also a nice touch that tall people will be thankful for. And with up to 41 inches of interior height, it doesn’t feel too squeezed inside; you can even sit upright in there.

Strong frame for maximum performance

Having a spacious tent cot with enough room for two is one thing, but having a solid frame that can support the weight of two adults can be a whole different story altogether.

And nothing can be quite disappointing as your little tent cote collapsing in the dead of the night, which could not only cut short your sleep but could actually pose a risk, especially for aged people.

Built with the need for safety and reliability in mind, this product is designed to keep you off the ground without any risk of unwanted surprises, hence the solid frame designed to support up to 500 pounds.

It’s also worth mentioning that the frame also has ideal feet that help offer the much-needed grip on the ground, which further makes this tent cot very stable.

Great design for bad weather

With the right features, this kind of cot should be able to offer you both comfort and ideal protection from the weather, especially rainy conditions.

Getting wet in the outdoors can a night on the campsite into a nightmare, as it means serious discomfort and could make falling asleep a far cry from what you would expect in more favorable conditions.

 That’s where the weather-resistant construction of this tent cot ensures you can sleep in ultimate comfort even through a big storm. The elevated design particularly makes it perfect for this sort of condition, as you never have to deal with water on the floor.

It also has fiberglass poles that thread through the roof, giving it a dome shape that allows water and mild snow to roll off easily. But that’s not all; the tent cot also comes with a removable rainfly that is waterproof enough to keep you dry in nasty weather.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Up to 4 windows add to the ventilation that you get with this tent, helping keep the interior very breathable for ultimate comfort in just about any season.

The cot is also very versatile, as it also doubles as an option for lounging around the campfire or down at the beach during the day.

Built-in padding with a width of about a 1/4-inch thick offers a bit of cushioning and insulation, in warmer nights you could just use it, and it’s thick enough you won’t feel the straps beneath.

It also has straps hanging inside two of the tent doors, which you can use to secure the door flaps up and out of the way for extra ventilation as well as offering a scenic view of the area around your campsite.

An included carry bag comes across as a handy addition that allows you to store or transport your tent with ease while keeping it safe.

There’s also an electric cord flap on one of the doors that you can use to bring power into your tent without having to improvise.

Zippered closure on all the four openings on this tent adds a layer of protection and convenience as it allows you to keep the inside warm when needed.

The easy setup and takedown are absolutely a big plus, and the elastic attachment of the tent’s rainfly makes finishing off the setup easy too.

An insect mesh lining further adds to your comfort inside this tent, as you can enjoy the fresh breath without ever having to worry about any crawlers creeping you out in the middle of the night.

The platform is made of straps for keeping you elevated, and no center bar to dig into your back and make sleeping uncomfortable.

Quick Specs

  1. Fabric material: 420-denier nylon fabric
  2. Pole material: Aluminum poles
  3. Capacity: 500
  4. Occupancy: 2
  5. Weight: 44 pounds
  6. Dimensions open: 85” X 46” X 41”
  7. Dimensions folded: 48.5” X 33.5” X 8”
  8. Number of doors: 2
  9. Number of windows: 4
  10. Elevated floor design
  11. The carrying case is also included


  • Easy to set up and takedown, no tools needed
  • Elevated floor design keeps you dry and safe from crawling insects
  • Mesh lining and windows for ventilation
  • Convenient rainfly keeps you protected from the weather
  • Well built with great waterproof performance


  • It’s bulky and heavy but this is car camping gear.

Questions And Answers

Question:  What is the measurement of this tent when folded out?

Answer: Folded, this tent is a bit bulky, measuring up to 48.5 inches by 33.5 inches by 8 inches, which makes it less than ideal if you have a heap of other gear to carry with you. But for car campers, it’s blissful heaven as transporting it isn’t a challenge in that case.

Question: How can I use the included fiberglass cross poles?

Answer: The two fiberglass poles that come with the tent are designed to be threaded through the top of your tent, thus helping stabilize the roof and help maintain its shape. This can be very handy in mild snow conditions when your tent needs to be solid up top.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Although this Winterial tent cot comes with a raised platform that allows you to sleep off the ground, it’s still wise to bring with you some gear for cushioning and insulation from the cold.
  • With the quarter-inch-thick pad, you might not have enough protection from the elements, mostly in extreme weather so having something else to count on could be very handy.
  • Weighing up to 44 pounds, this tent is undoubtedly heavy, and as mentioned above, quite bulky too. So if you are heading out on a trip and you have a considerable amount of other items to carry, this one is more suited to car camping.


This Winterial Oversize Outdoor Tent Cot is a great piece of gear to add to your collection for the ultimate camping experience. It might be heavy and bulky, but when it comes to getting the job done, it stands out as one of the most comfortable and solidly built tent cots out there.

Of course, the elevated design is awesome as you can comfortably sleep off the ground, and the easy setup and take-down make it even more exciting.

I would highly recommend giving this item a try and I beleive you will love it. These tent cots are fantastic and are well worth having it as a personal camping shelter. 

If you have any more questions about the Winterial Double Outdoor Tent Cot, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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  1. I am interested in this gear but could use some help in making a selection. I am looking for a set up that will be placed on top of a platform created by four dock sections, leveled, and stable, that will partially be over water and partially land. I was originally going to set up a tent on the platform but I like the idea of this tent cot better, mostly because I am in a high tick area. What ever I choose it will remain set up for the summer and will be my sleeping accommodation only. Thanks for helping me. K

    • Hi Keturah, this sounds like a lot of fun. I can tell you from experience that you will enjoy the comfort that the Winterial Tent Cot will provide, it is spacious, cozy, but well ventilated when needed. It is quite heavy so will sit nice and stable on your platform, you could ever screw it down using pipe clips over the legs. Being off the ground in a high tick area will make a huge difference to your experience. It has an insect mesh lining inside which will also help. Overall I am sure you will be more than happy with this product, add your bedding and they’re convenient comfortable and secure, I hope you enjoy your summer. Thank you for your comment, Shane.


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