XGear Camping Chair Review

The XGEAR Outdoor Lumbar Support Camping Chair, a comfortable, strong, and durable outdoor chair that features adjustable lumbar support that promotes good posture for your body and also provides you a pleasurable outdoor relaxation.

There are so many outdoor chairs available in the market but if you want something that’s not only capable of supporting your weight but also alleviates pressure on your lower back, then you should consider this one. 

Outdoor chairs come in many designs with different benefits and features so you should try to pick the right one based on your needs. Read on to learn more about this outdoor chair to decide if you should pick it up for your next outdoor trip.  

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XGEAR Outdoor Adjustable Lumbar Support Camping Chair

Some Key Features

Easy Setup and Carry

Just unfold it and it’s ready for use. With a folding design, this chair eliminates complicated assembly processes just to put it up. You can get seated and rest within seconds. Once you’re done using it, simply fold it back, put it in the included carry bag for storage and you’re good to go.     

You can save time setting it up and keeping it away so you can focus more on your relaxation. There’s minimal effort required so you can make your outdoor trips more fun and well spent.

Durable 600D Polyester Fabric

The chair is made with 600D Polyester Fabric, a widely used material for heavy-duty outdoor gear because of its strength and a good degree of thickness. It is known to be one of the toughest fabrics in the market. 

This fabric provides the chair with durability and comfort. It’s scratch-resistant and does not easily get damaged. It’s also washable and easy to clean. Just the perfect fabric material used for this type of chair.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

A feature that sets this outdoor chair apart from the regular ones in the market is the inclusion of adjustable lumbar support. It has an alignment strap that you can adjust to find the right lumbar support you need. It helps reduce lower back pain and provides good back support.

The lumbar cushion is attached to the strap at both ends, while the straps’ ends are fixed on the front of the seat. Being adjustable, you can set it with total freedom so you can achieve the best lumbar support for your body while seated on the chair. It helps a lot in your posture and overall well-being.

Functional Side Pocket

If you want to keep your small personal stuff beside you as you sit and relax, you’ll be delighted to know that you can do so with this chair. It has a side pocket that you can use if you need one. 

With this mesh storage space, you can conveniently keep your phone, glasses, book, keys, etc. near you so you can have them within reach especially if you frequently use them. It’s very handy in keeping your things secure while you’re outdoors. 

You can relax without getting interrupted and it eliminates the need to stand up and get your stuff before you can use it. This storage space is very helpful while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Comfort Padded Back and Seat

When it comes to comfort, this chair will not disappoint. The back, the seat, and even the armrests have soft padding to make sure that you’ll feel cozy especially for long hours of using the chair.

The padded areas are smooth and soft for the high level of comfort you always look for in a chair. If you’re tired after a long day in the camp, you’ll love to hang out with this chair and have a good relaxation time.

Cup Holder

Want to have a drink as you rest on the chair? This chair got you covered. It includes a cup holder where you can put your drink while you sit and relax. The cup holder is made with the same polyester fabric, secured with hard plastic that attaches to the chair. 

It’s nicely positioned at the side slightly lower than most chair’s placement, but still easy to reach and safe from getting accidentally hit. This cupholder allows you to bring your drink closer so you can always feel refreshed while you use it.

Tubular Alloy Steel Frame

To keep the chair strong and sturdy, a tubular alloy steel frame is used. The feet of the chair are fixed to the non-slip rubber covers that serve as the base. The frame provides great support for the user’s weight so you can rest comfortably and worry-free. While not made for large people, this chair can be used by most medium-built individuals.

With alloy steel material composition, this chair is made durable but also relatively lightweight at about 13 lbs. It is resistant to rust and easy to clean. It’s also durable and can last for a long time.


Whatever outdoor activity you want to use it for, this chair is a solid and reliable companion. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, even inside your home or in your backyard relaxation. Camping, fishing, tailgating, and picnics can be more exciting and relaxing when you have this outdoor chair in your gear. 

What Are The Benefits

An outdoor chair that you can set up and store in seconds saves you time and effort in your outdoor trips so it’s more practical to use.

You can have your chair in good working condition for a long time because it uses durable 600D polyester fabric in the back support and seat.

Achieve proper lumbar support for your body as you use the chair because it has an adjustable lumbar cushion.

Keep your personal stuff safe and within reach with the help of the side pocket feature of the chair.

Feel the comfort in having a fully padded seat and back outdoor chair that lets you have great relaxation especially for long hours.

Feel refreshed with your drink within reach as you sit on the chair because it has a cupholder that you can use while you relax outdoors.

Relax in the chair safe and worry-free since the chair uses tubular alloy steel for its frame making it super sturdy and durable as well.

You can use the chair in so many outdoor activities that you want to do because of its versatility.

Bring the chair anywhere to want to use it because it has an included carrying case that’s great for portability.

Rest on the chair comfortably while taking advantage of its great features for your convenience in your outdoor adventures.

Quick Specs

Product Brand:XGear Outdoors
Dimensions Open :(L x W x H): 106 x 59 x 56 cm
Dimensions Closed:(L x W): 122 x 33 cm
Weight:13.62 lbs
Frame Material:Tubular Alloy Steel
Chair Material:600D Polyester Fabric
Armrest Height:63 cm
Distance Between Armrests:51 cm
Style:Folding Portable Chair with Lumbar Support


  • Effortless setup and storage
  • Durable fabric and frame material
  • Cupholder makes drinks easy to reach
  • Side pocket keeps your stuff near if you want to use them
  • Adjustable lumbar support so helpful for the body


  • At 13.62 lbs, it’s not the lightest 

Questions and Answers

Question: Does it have a reclining feature?

Answer: No. It can’t be reclined but its great feature is the adjustable lumbar support that’s so helpful for your posture and health.

Question: Can the cupholder accommodate large-sized drinks?

Answer: Regular size drinks, cups, soda cans, and tumblers are the ones supported by the cupholder.

Question: Can it be used by big men/women?

Answer: It Will comfortably support 220 pounds. 

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Take advantage of the adjustable lumbar support so it can help maintain your proper posture especially during sitting.
  • Always be careful in folding and unfolding your chair to keep your chair functional and damage-free.


Take a quick look at another chair that assists in the back and lumbar support to give you a comparison before making your final decision. It’s the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger, and one that I have done in-depth research on, a great chair for all outdoor occasions. Click on the image below to go to the Amazon page for more information.


The XGear Outdoor Lumbar Support Camping Chair is a reasonable product if you want an outdoor chair that’s comfortable for your body and features lumbar support for better posture.

Other cool features like the side pocket, cupholder, durable fabric, and alloy steel frame make it a good buy compared to regular outdoor chairs in the market. With the ease of setup and storage and a wide range of uses, it’s a good overall chair, but not a perfect chair.

If you have any more questions about the XGear Camping Chair Review please leave them in the comments section and I will respond to them. You may also like to read my review on the very good Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair for more great choices.

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