YETI Rambler 26 oz Bottle

The YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle is a tried and tested double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel bottle. Fill it with your favorite hot coffee or cold juice that will keep your beverage at temperature for hours.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 22, 2021

The overall structure of this bottle is made like a tank. It is so rugged that you won’t hesitate to put it anywhere. We love the new improvement that YETI has come up with the bottle. They included a chug cup that we will further discuss in the review below. 

 This 26 oz bottle is perfect for car camping, traveling, or for those days that you feel like going for a day hike. With its robust top handle, we know you can carry this bottle anywhere, anytime without complaints.

Read on to know more about this outstanding bottle and find out for yourself if the YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle will meet the requirements for all your needs.

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Yeti 26 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

Key Features 

 Design and Performance

 The YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle is big on design and one of its signature design features is no other than its wide-mouth. The downside of having a wide-mouth is it can be hard to control the flow of beverage as you drink from the bottle.

To solve this, YETI added a new feature which is the chug cup. With this, you now have the option to drink on a  narrow mouth opening.

 Another thing we like about this added feature is it allows the bottle to be customizable, giving you a more personal approach to how you want to drink from this bottle. By using the chug cup, you can easily drink while driving or walking without accidentally spilling your drinks.

On the other hand, if you’re just hanging around the house or in a relaxing setup and want to use the wide mouth to drink then you can simply do so without the mess.

The 26 oz bottle is what we think is the most ideal to bring during travels. Aside from the fact that it can fit in almost any cup holder, it is not too heavy nor too bulky to carry unlike the other available volume capacity for this bottle.

Since it is double-walled, you won’t see this bottle sweat on the outside. Also, you will be surprised how well it insulates even in direct sunlight.

We’ve done both the cold and hot tests and the results were amazing. The cold test with ice lasts for over 24 hours. While with the hot water test it can take 2-4 hours before you actually feel that your preferred coffee temperature is gone.

Having a reusable bottle such as the YETI Rambler is a good substitute for disposable bottles. In other words, using this bottle has a good effect on the environment because it can significantly help reduce plastic waste. 

Easy to Use

Another signature of the YETI Rambler is the handle on top of the lid, making it convenient for carrying and transport. An exceptionally wide mouth means you can easily clean the inside to make sure there won’t be a build-up of bacteria.

It is nice to know that this bottle is dishwasher safe, so you can just place it in the dishwasher after finishing the hot cocoa you put in there. We were relieved when we found out that it doesn’t leave the odor or taste of any beverages, we fill it with.

Most bottles work well for carrying beverages, but the YETI Rambler just makes the whole drinking experience much better. We know this bottle will make a perfect everyday bottle because of its simple and easy-to-use design.

Tough and Durable

The YETI brand is well-known in making durable, heavy-duty products and the Rambler 26 oz bottle is definitely one of those products. Their bottles are incredibly durable and can take on harsh treatment. No need to be concerned just toss it into your backpack.

Made with an 18/8 stainless steel material, the Rambler is highly resistant to dents and puncture. Its lid cover also feels tough and sturdy, it is securely tight and you won’t have any problems with leaks.


This is where the YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle is a bit short but still manageable. The bottle alone weighing 18.3 oz is really not for light backpackers.

Although there are lighter bottle options out in the market, it is really up to the user if they want to bring the Rambler on a long journey and doesn’t mind the extra weight.

But if you’re just out for a day having a picnic with your family, or out car camping then we don’t see the weight as a problem at all.


YETI Rambler 26 oz Bottle


what are the Benefits of this Product

 Double-walled and vacuum-insulated means this bottle will do a great job of keeping your beverages hot or cold for longer hours.

Two-ways to drink, you may use the chug cup which is an added improvement in the Rambler bottle. It is narrower and more convenient to use than the wide mouth if you’re driving or walking.

The wide-open mouth makes refilling and pouring of drinks easier as well as cleaning the inside without a hassle. 

Doesn’t leave the taste and smell of any beverage you fill it with. It is also dishwasher safe which is truly a helpful benefit especially when you’re stuck with a lot of chores or in a hurry.

A sturdy, easy-to-grasp top handle that allows for three-finger holding so you can conveniently grab and go without having a hard time carrying this bottle. 

Airtight lid closure helps maintain pressure and keep the beverage in your desired temperature. You will have no problem with leaks or spills.

Available in various colors. There’s a lot of color options for everyone, it is not just the ordinary black, blue, and silver, but you can also choose colors like clay, Seafoam, and brick red.

There’s no odd metallic taste or smell you have to deal with, compared to other cheap stainless bottles you will find out there.

Price is tough, yes, we get it. But for those people who love YETI products and know that their investment will pay off in the long run then this bottle is no-brainer.

Warranty, the YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle has a five-year warranty and a refund or exchange option. If you received a defective bottle or the workmanship is terrible then you can raise your concern with YETI and we are pretty sure they’ll make it right with you.


  • Completely leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Coated with DuraCoat colors, meaning the colors of the bottles are built to last, no fading, peeling or cracking
  • Keeps beverage cold or hot for longer hours
  • Durably built and can stand up even to the toughest conditions
  • Can fit most standard-sized cup holders


  • Heavy on weight, you will think twice if you’re going to bring this in long-distance hikes

Questions and Answers

 Q: Is it safe to put it inside my backpack? I’m worried that it might spill and wet all my things.

Answer: You don’t have to worry about this because the lid is threaded and has an airtight closure. We’ve placed it in our backpack and we never had any spillage problem.

If your backpack has side pockets and can fit the Rambler 26 oz then that is much better so you have extra space inside. Don’t worry, the bottle is durable enough to take on any challenging situations, even if it is placed in outer side pockets.

Q: I’m thinking of using this bottle for a day trip, can it keep my beverage cold for longer hours?

Answer: We’ve done a cold test using this bottle and it surprisingly keeps the beverage with ice for as long as 24 hours. We think if you put more ice in your drink, then it will do just the same.

 Tips You Can Take Away 

  • If you don’t have a dishwasher then you can use a long soft brush (like the ones they used for cleaning baby bottles) to thoroughly clean the inside of the bottle.
  • Avoid putting the bottle in the refrigerator’s freezer to prevent damaging the sealing power of the lid.
  • Always use the chug cup if you can’t avoid drinking while driving so there are fewer to no chances of spilling drinks all over your car.


The YETI Rambler 26 oz Bottle is simple in design yet very tough. This size fits most standard cup holders making it the perfect companion for traveling.

Though the price is pretty expensive, YETI guarantees you a heavy-duty, high-quality insulated bottle that makes it worth your every penny. With the addition of the five-year warranty and refund or exchange option, you’re sure that the money you spent will not go to waste.

Although it is a bit heavy for long-distance hiking, the YETI Rambler 26 oz is still the best choice for picnics, car-camping, day trips, and the likes. With its easy-to-hold handle, chug cup, sleek design, and great insulation features we truly couldn’t ask for more.

Overall, we highly recommend this for anyone looking for an everyday bottle that can maintain the temperature of their beverage longer. Also, if you’re an eco-conscious individual who wants to make a difference in the environment, then this YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle is the best way to go.

If you have any more questions about the YETI Rambler 26 oz bottle, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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