YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair Review

Whether you’re taking the unbeaten path into the great outdoors, heading off to the beach, or attending a sporting event, you eventually need something to sit down on like the YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair.

A good camping chair doesn’t have to be the most lightweight, or the most packable. If anything, it’s the performance, and perhaps durability, that matters when it comes to getting the value for your money.

Nothing beats a comfortable chair that offers the best support for your back and arms, but it gets even better if it is stout enough to last you through several seasons.

So, does this YETI chair offer the comfort and performance you need and last you through enough seasons? Let’s find out.

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YETI Trailhead Camp Chair

The Key Features


When talking comfort, the one feature in a chair that could determine how impressive or awkward it gets is the fabric. If this part isn’t designed to give you as much cushioning and support as it should, then you’ll have a hard time trying to make yourself comfortable on your chair.

As such, with the awesome FLEXGRID fabric that this chair comes with, you get a great deal of comfort no matter how long you have to be seated. And it’s all thanks to its ability to conform to your body and thus eliminating those pressure points that would otherwise feel quite uncomfortable.

Can’t beat the performance

It’s in the performance where the real worth of your chair lies, and the one thing that makes the difference here is the frame. With a sturdy chair, you not only get lasting performance, but it also guarantees your safety, as sitting on a flimsy chair that could collapse at any moment could pose a serious risk of injury.

Well, with the outstanding alloy steel frame of this chair, you not only get to sit with confidence, but it also guarantees a lasting performance that will see you through years if not decades. Factor in the strong construction of the frame, and you have a chair that’s worth every single dime.

Heavy-duty capability

A good strong chair can be awesome, but one that can stand head and shoulders above the competition in terms of the amount of weight it can support is the kind of investment you want to make. This means you cannot only use it for plus-sized people, but it works for adults of varying sizes and weights.

You can bet on this chair when it comes to some heavy lifting, especially with its whopping 500-pound capacity. With the ability to support such an incredible weight, it proves to be a solid chair that just about anyone can use with confidence, even people with some extra weight shouldn’t have any jitters when sitting on this one.

UV Protection

As fun as it gets, using your chair in the outdoor environment exposes it to a lot of factors that could quickly undermine its durability. From fading to tearing the fabric, the sun’s UV rays can be very unforgiving unless your chair is built to take them head-on.

The one good thing about this chair is that it’s not only very solid, but it is also just as withstanding when exposed to rough outdoor conditions and even UV rays. Besides being very durable, the fabric doesn’t stretch, nor the paint chip away, so it stays looking and feeling best over the years.

Inbuilt cup holder

Docking your drink by your side when lounging in your chair can take the luxury of camping to a new level. But this calls for a chair that’s built to give you outstanding comfort. And a cup holder works wonders when you just want to relax on the beach and enjoy your favorite beverage.

This chair brings onboard the convenience you need when camping by allowing you to keep your drink within an arm’s length, literally. Thanks to its strong inbuilt cup holder, you won’t have to worry about having your drink handy.

Easily packable frame

While a strong frame makes a great chair, there’s one major caveat with this feature when it’s time to transport it, since if the frame is too heavy, your chair can be a pain to haul along. And this can be very inconvenient for backpackers and hikers.

So if you are not on a car camping or base camping excursion, this chair still has something for you. With its ideal pack-away frame that is not only reasonably lightweight but also proves to be very easy to pack, you can get down to enjoying the beauty of nature rather than worrying about the portability of your chair.

Stability at its best

No matter how firm the frame of your chair turns out to be, if the footing isn’t as reliable, you could still end up on the ground. This can be as risky as it is embarrassing, and no camper likes the idea of a wobbly chair that could send them tumbling into the campfire.

To eliminate this risk, YETI has built this chair with a firm grip design that offers this chair a firm footing on virtually any terrain. The extra-wide feet construction ensures your chair can achieve a reliable hold on the ground regardless of the conditions.

Yeti trailhead camp chair

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Measuring 10.2 inches by 8.3 inches by 43.3 inches, this chair is spacious enough, yet packs just small enough to make an offer you the best of both comfort and portability.

It also boasts a convenient carry bag that comes in handy in helping protect your chair from dirt and debris when in transit

And to make carrying your chair as easy as it can get, the carry bag has a strong strap design that allows you to sling the chair over your shoulder or carry it as a backpack for hands-free portability

The best part is that even with the cup holder on, you will still have enough space for your arms as the cup holder settles slightly off the armrest.

The X-cross design of the frame is also very helpful in ensuring the stability of your chair, offering overall support since it’s fitted on the front and hind legs alike.

Since there aren’t any bars running directly under your thighs or against your back, you won’t have to worry about any discomfort from bars digging into your flesh when sitting on this chair.

Its fabric is also very taut on the frame once the chair is set up, which makes it very comfortable over long hours of sitting in this chair.

It is also high enough off the ground, a great design that allows easy sitting in and getting out of even for people with hip, back, or knee problems.

A piece of breathable fabric is yet another great addition to the long list of comfortable features that you get with this chair and one you’ll be thankful for in hot weather

The easy portability of this chair and its outstanding performance in different terrains makes it versatile enough for tailgating, camping, concerts, and a wide array of other outdoor adventures.

Quick Specs

  1. Color: Charcoal
  2. Frame material: Alloy steel
  3. Fabric material: FLEXGRID fabric
  4. Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  5. Weight: 8.82 pounds
  6. Dimensions open: 10.2” X 8.3” X 43.3”
  7. Plastic feet
  8. UV protection: yes
  9. Inbuilt cup holder: yes
  10. Carry bag included: yes


  • A combination of a strong frame and fabric offers top-notch performance
  • Extra-wide plastic offers a firm grip on various types of terrain
  • Great UV protection and scratch resistance
  • The fabric is very taut and no bars digging into thighs or back
  • A handy carry bag is just as strong as the chair itself
  • Inbuilt cup holder for keeping your beverages within reach


  • At over $400, it’s sure to leave a hole in your pocket
  • A hefty chair might be difficult to carry over long distances

Questions And Answers

Question: How can I secure the arms in place?

Answer:  The chair has ultra-strong tensioners on the back that allow the arms to lock in place when setting it up, which helps keep them in place and makes the takedown easy and almost instant.

Question: Is the carry bag strong?

Answer: The carry bag is as strong as the chair itself, with robust material and stitching, as well as very strong zippers that allow you to keep it zipped shut when in transit.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Cleaning your chair should not be difficult, thanks to the taut fabric design. A quick wipe with a clean, wet cloth should be enough to get it as clean as new. But the best way to keep it pristine clean is to keep it inside the carry bag and keep it sealed.
  • Just as robust as this chair is, the weight is up there, weighing in at just over 19 pounds. This makes it less ideal for carrying over long distances, but if you are car camping, then this will prove to be your epitome of comfort despite the weight.


Although this chair might be difficult to lug along over long distances, its solid construction makes it a great addition to your outdoor gear. The amount of comfort you get with this chair also makes it worth the money, not to mention the withstanding durability that guarantees lasting service from this chair.

If you are tired of grinding with those cheap knockoffs that don’t last you through a single camping season, then this chair is for you. I would highly recommend it to any camper looking for a lasting, high-end chair that delivers value for your money.  

If you have any more questions about the YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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