Yeti Tundra 45QT Cooler – Ice For Days

Here we have a very sturdy and reliable Yeti Tundra 45QT Cooler Ice For Days is a reality. Rotomolded, strong, and rugged, ready to journey with you to provide you with cold food and drink for an extended stay.

The ice retention capabilities are excellent with several days, even more under the right circumstances being possible. This is a very well known brand and this particular cooler is extremely popular. 

Having confidence in your equipment and knowing that it will perform to a very high standard equals peace of mind that is worth way more than money,  is nowhere near the cheapest cooler around but with its brand, design, and manufacture, it is one of the best.


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Yeti Tundra 45QT Cooler

The Features.


One of the first features you will notice, is its handles and their design, especially well thought out are the rope handles which make it extremely easy to carry anywhere.

Despite being heavy because of the ice and food and drinks inside, you should not be overwhelmed by the weight of the cooler.

These rope handles are very comfortable in the hand and allow two people to carry it from the car to the campsite or boat.

This cooler also has specially molded lip grip handles which are also well designed and manufactured into the cooler itself, which allows one person to carry the cooler very easily. This cooler features strongly in our list of Best Coolers for camping. 


The material is made using roto-molding construction, which ensures its strength and durability. Through the process, it is made heavily armored. 

We use coolers for all kinds of activities, starting from something mild such as having a simple picnic or camping with the family up to doing something extreme such as big-game fishing with friends in the Bahamas.

These coolers are perfect for both activities and anything in between. Roto-molded construction is used by Yeti an American company because it can be flexible to the design of the product. 

This means that it can cater even to the product’s complicated geometry. The cooler is also certified bear-resistant once padlocked on both front corners. 

Good Insulation.

Yeti made sure to use different technologies to ensure good insulation in their Tundra coolers. For this one, they used up to 2 inches of Permafrost Insulation, and a fat wall design to ensure the walls are thick enough to keep the interior cold and together with a freezer grade gasket, keep the cold in.

The gasket is specially made in order to circle around the lid. This way, it will be effective in keeping the cold locked in as well as blocking the heat out.

These three technologies are what make the 45 cooler among the best ice retention coolers available anywhere. 

Quality Components.

The opening, closing, and locking system is also among the great features of any cooler. The Yeti 45 makes use of T-Rex lid latches, which are designed to last longer in doing the job of securing the cooler.

There is also the hinge system that is guaranteed to never break despite the conditions the cooler is being put through.

This guarantee would not be for leaning on the lid, or intentional misuse, however, these two features are a major contributing factor that gives this cooler an unmistakable brand name recognition in the market.

The construction of this cooler assures you have a high quality built in to ensure long-lasting performance.

Draining System.

Tundra 45 cooler’s draining system is among its strengths. Employing the vortex drain system technology, this cooler promises no leaking and quick draining. You can rest easy thinking that your cooler will not leak its melted ice into the back of your car.

The drain system also only requires you to remove the plug in order to drain the liquids inside it. This is definitely security and convenience in one.

Our coolers draining system is among the most important consideration in purchasing one, considering how much of a chore it can be cleaning the cooler. 

Non-slip Feet.

To keep the cooler in place, Yeti made use of a technology that will prevent it from sliding and it’s called the barefoot non-slip feet. This technology will help to keep your cooler stable when left unsecured.

Slipping and sliding around the back of the truck or bottom of your boat can cause damage to the cooler or its contents. that is why the next feature is also a good one.

Tie-Down Points.

The Anchor Point tie-down slots that Yeti utilizes allows the users to mount the cooler more easily and without any hassle. You can mount them on the back of the vehicle and straps through the slots will make it more secure.

Mounting our coolers is among the concerns we have if we are going off-road on bumpy roads or out on the water and the wind comes up creating a swell. This feature addresses our concerns and solves them for us.

Quality Build.

The Yeti Tundra 45 cooler combines versatility and durability and is made of high-quality polyethylene. This material boasts of durability and UV resistance.

Yeti is known for making strong and durable products made of high-quality materials and this 45 cooler is no exception.

The material used is among the reasons why you would love this particular cooler. It doesn’t also apply only to the cooler itself but also to its other features like the plug, handles, gasket, etc. Even the non-slip feet are well-made.


The Yeti cooler allows you to carry around 40 pounds of ice alone or you can store 26 cans of drinks inside with a 2:1 ice ratio. It also comes with a wire basket that you can use for goods that you don’t want to mix up with the others.

45QT yeti cooler

The mid-size capacity of the cooler is very convenient and just right for any outdoor activity for 1 or 2 people. If you want to use it as storage for ice, it is perfect for that purpose.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The first good design benefit is the handles, considering that the cooler already weighs around 22 pounds.

You don’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily because it’s virtually indestructible, which is one of the greatest benefits of many of Yeti’s products.

Strength and Durability are built into these exception coolers they come from the design and manufacturing process.

The point of buying a cooler is to have something that can preserve our foods and drinks over a period of time. The insulation technologies of this cooler will allow us to store goods inside with confidence for up to a week.

In some instances even longer periods of time, don’t be surprised to open it and still find ice after several days.

The construction techniques used in the making of the yeti can be extremely beneficial in producing a cooler with strength, given that we often drive along very rough roads to reach our isolated destinations and expect our gear to remain in one piece.  

I really like the convenience of having a drainage plug in your cooler once the overall weight gets up a little, instead of lifting it on and off the back of the truck, a simple drain plug offers an easy solution to remove the ice melt.

Make sure the plug is firmly secure to avoid leaking, which can be very inconvenient particularly inside your tent or car.

The tie-down points are a key feature of the yeti 45 and makes for a lot of benefits. The fact that you can secure it inside your vehicle will give you peace in the knowledge that it won’t topple over spilling out the contents.

The Bearfoot slip-proof feet also give a secure and stable footing so place it on the floor of the boat or the back of the pickup with confidence

The capacity of the Yeti 45 means it will hold 26 cans of drink with the recommended 2:1 ice ratio. It is large enough for two people for a food fridge for several days while camping or will keep one person for a week Kayaking. 


  1. I like a great personal cooler for a few days alone in the outdoors.
  2. Amazing ice Retention
  3. Simple good Looks                        
  4. Separate Basket
  5. I love the Tie-Down Points


  1. Drain plus does not have a lanyard attached
  2. The stated size 45qt is not what it holds



The Yeti brand has been around for many years and is unmistakably one of the best cooler manufacturers today. The high rating given to this product by its customers is understandable considering the design techniques and quality construction that goes into every Yeti cooler.

The Yeti cooler has proven itself to us to be a very reliable and efficient mid-size cooler.  and remembering one of the main pieces of equipment we take camping or outdoors is to keep our food and drinks cool, this gear needs to perform well. This cooler has a multitude of features each installed for a specific use.

This cooler is not the cheapest on the market these particular coolers are actually quite expensive, however, you get a high value with a product that quite possibly will last for many decades. So if you are looking for a quality mid-size cooler, be sure to check this one.

One of the best coolers that we have reviewed, we know the Yeti 45 will go the distance and be with you for many years and that is why we highly recommend this product.

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If you have any more questions about the Yeti Tundra 45QT Cooler, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality coolers with a lot more information for your next adventure read my post on the Best Coolers For Camping 

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


4 thoughts on “Yeti Tundra 45QT Cooler – Ice For Days”

  1. Hi Shane,

    I love everything that is related to outdoor, and I want to tell you that your site is fantastic!
    I own the Yeti Tundra 45 QT cooler, and I am really pleased with it. We bring it with us when we go on a camping or sailing trip. It really keeps our drinks and food cold for long hours even without using dry ices. We are so happy with it that we want to buy another cooler. But this time online because the price is more attractive than offline.
    Since it will be the first time purchasing online, I would like to know if it’s possible to get a refund if the cooler has a defect. We never know:)
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Daniella, well i’m glad you like my site, and i too love the outdoors and camp often throughout the year. A good cooler is a must, its good to have people comment who own the product to verify the quality so that’s good to hear. Warranties are on this product and a refund would be something between you and the retailer, however, you would be expected to pay return fright on the item i think. always check warranties before purchase.

      Thanks Shane.

  2. Hi
    We love camping and always find it a struggle to keep milk and beer cold, we even thought about taking a mini fridge( takes up to much room) the yeti may be the way forward for us:)
    We did invest in a cooler and it really does not live up to it’s expectations as it does not have a drainage plug which is very annoying as you have to tip it upside down to get any water out:(
    I love the idea of owning one of these.
    Thanks for the info:)

    • Hi Sharon i don’t believe you will go wrong owning one of these Yeti coolers, they are very well respected and have a huge following. The Yeti 45QT is a nice mid size cooler, Thanks for your comment.

      PS and it does have a drain plug to make life easier.

      Thanks Shane  


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