Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler – Back-Country To The Beach

YETI Tundra 65 cooler – back country to the beach, reviews a cooler built for ultimate performance when it comes to keeping your food and drinks cool, this one never disappoints.

Tired of coolers losing ice in a matter of hours? Yours is not an isolated case, most low-end options out there do that, they are simply not up to the task. 

Don’t panic just yet, there is one cooler that takes this task on a stride, it has what it takes to preserve your supplies for days. Let’s look at the yeti from a research angle and see if it has what you’re after in a cooler. 

The Key Features

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One fantastic thing about this cooler is that it’s not only adept at keeping your stuff cool; it is also very spacious.

Capable of holding 42 cans of beer plus ice or a few redfish, it is roomy enough to fit enough cold stores for several days of use for a small family while tent camping.

Strong Hinges

Constant opening and closing your cooler takes a serious toll on the hinges. As such, flimsy hinges can break after only a few seasons.

This is why you need strong gear to take multiple uses in its stride. Thankfully, this cooler comes with top-of-line hinges, built for ultimate performance.

It features two hinges with an interlocking design that makes them as strong as they are durable.  

Built Tough

The name pretty much says it all. From the beaches to the tundra, this cooler is ready to take on just about anything the outdoors has to throw its way.

Thanks to its Rotomolded construction, this cooler is armored such that it is almost indestructible. It not only survives the abuse that comes with transportation, but it is also robust enough to stand the rigors of heavy use in the wild.

As a comparison check out our article on the 70 qt Pelican Cooler here.

Effective Latches

Keeping your cooler closed proves to be a crucial necessity if you want to keep your catch in and the dirt out. This also helps with keeping your things cool.

Its T-Rex Lid latches feature a heavy-duty rubber and patented technology. This construction makes the latches sturdy to prevent flaws or complete failure altogether.

Excellent Ice Retention

Maintaining the ideal temperature for the ice underlines the performance of coolers. And nothing quite beats the efficiency that this one comes with.

It comes with 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation, which is pressure injected polyurethane foam in its walls as well as the lid. This helps keep the ice and everything inside your cooler cold up to several days.


This cooler is pretty hefty, that’s for sure! But not only does its performance outweigh this downside, but it also has everything you need to carry it with ease.

These aspects include double haul handles, featuring a military-grade polyester rope. Then its lip-grip handles deliver yet another essential option to the already easy portability.

Tie-Down Points

Also, it comes with tie-down slots that you can use to secure it on your boat, vehicle or anywhere you need.

These make one of the most crucial aspects to ensure that your cooler is stable during road transport or any boat usage in any weather conditions. A Cooler such as this should be a part of your essential camping equipment.

Stable Bearfoot Design

Keeping your cooler from sliding is one of the best ways to ensure your drinks and everything inside is safe. Besides, this helps prevent the unit from banging into something that can damage its outer cover.

Thankfully, this one comes with a non-slip Bearfoot design that helps keep it stable always.


What are the Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

It also doubles as a bench, this cooler is so tough that you can actually stand on it while fishing or when taking a break. Use it as a casting platform or a step up into the back of the truck. This is a really strong and comfortable seat.

The commercial-grade polyurethane foam offers awesome ice retention, essential for keeping your cheese, milk, water, or yogurt ice-cold even under the blistering sun.

With an InterLock lid system, this cooler manages to keep temperatures within at optimum despite the conditions outside. And it’s all thanks to its ability to the tight barrier against heat.

Lip-Grip handles offer an impressive performance when it comes to transporting your cooler. These are not only easy to hold on and convenient even for people with large hands, but they also prove to be very strong.

The hinges are outstanding when it comes to heavy-duty performance. With two hinge pins and its interlocking design, you can forget about any worries over your cooler lid breaking at the most inappropriate moment.

A vortex drain system offers amazingly fast drainage of your cooler when necessary. However, the best part by far is that this rugged system is also leak-proof, keeping your cooler from spilling out into your bedding when camping.

Here’s a Couple of Tips

  • To make your unit stay cool for longer, use dry ice on the bottom, then fill up using bags of ice.
  • It’s advisable to ensure you anchor down your cooler, especially when transporting it or when using it on a boat.


  1. It is compatible with dry ice.
  2. Very spacious, so it can fit in more than you can keep with most other coolers.
  3. Keeps stuff cool for longer than most of the competition.
  4. Leak-proof drain system.
  5. Slip-free feet for keeping the cooler stable.


  1. It is heavy enough to make portability a challenge, but it needs to be strong.
  2. At its size and weight at 29 lbs plus a full load, wheels would be convenient.



From the woods to the beach to backyard barbecue, keeping a few drinks and foods handy, cool and preserved always goes a long way.

And what better way to bring every drink you need out there with you than tossing them inside this monster and hitting the road. This cooler is built for novice and avid outdoor die-hards alike.

It is super easy to use, carry, and store. What’s more, since it is built for durability too, you can count on it for the long haul.

Fronting the cost and getting a cooler that can live up to the hype is always worth it, and with this one, you get nothing short of the value for your money. So why take it for our word, get out there, get one, and see it in action? 

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If you have any more questions about the Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler – Back-Country To The Beach”

  1. This seems so perfect for the warm summer we are going to have in 2019,l I live near a beach but this is perfect because I don’t have to keep coming back home for food and drinks, it means we can make a day of it at the beach with everything we need. It looks like we can pack quite a bit in there too.

    • Hi Jayde, you are very lucky to live near the beach, so yes just put everything in the cooler take it with you and your set for the day without having to leave. With all your goodies within reach you’ll have extra time to enjoy.

      Thanks Shane.

  2. By its image only, Yeti-tundra cooler is a good one. The weight is no longer an issue because there is always a remedy for every problem as you mentioned.  What is important is the durability because we want what we buy lasts long.

    Maybe that is also good for storing hot foods like in our case, the rice so it will keep warm for the whole day.

    Have to tried or had somebody tried it?

    • Hi Abagatan, The weight is not a real issue as this equipment tends to be heavy when full anyway. Your right it is very durable and will last many years if treated correctly. Coolers are not typically used for hot food, however, you most certainly can use it for hot storage, simple wrap any hot dishes with towels or similar before placing into the cooler. It will help with heat retention in the food.

      Thanks for the comment, Shane.

  3. Thanks, I’m interested to see your post.  I saw one advertised on local TV recently that claimed to keep ice frozen for 7 days and was completely waterproof – the commercial showed it floating in the river!  How does this cooler box with both of those features?  You refer to “excellent ice retention” but for how many days? (without dry ice for easy comparison)Your explanation of this is very helpful, the exact size and weight as well as noting the strong hinges and build tough.Thank you

    • Hi John, it is claimed 7 days ice retention, however, that would be in the best case scenario under good circumstances, typically i have found around 4 days of cold storage is a realistic expectation, but I have not used them in cold climates. Pack them tight and fill any voids, restrict the opening of the cooler and keep it in a shady cool spot and it will serve you very well on an extended camping or fishing trip.

      Thanks Shane.


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