ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad Review – Backpacking or car camping comfort

Sleeping pads are designed to offer comfortable cushioning, but more importantly to insulate you from the cold ground beneath. Within this detailed ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad review, our findings may assist your decision.

To enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating night’s sleep, some say you need a thick pad, but the thickness is not the only part of a sleeping pad that makes it worth the money; there is still a trove of other features that are just as essential.

That’s why it takes several aspects working in unison to give you the combination of comfort, cushioning, and insulation that you need in this kind of gear. Besides the extra thickness, the ZOOOBELIVES promises to offer an outstanding performance too.

Dive right in and take a look at our findings and see if it has what you are looking for in a sleeping pad.

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ZOOOBELIVES Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The Key Features

Inbuilt pump for fast inflation

Getting air inside your pad is perhaps the first task that will stand in your way to that comfortable night’s sleep on a comfortable pad. But overcoming this challenge doesn’t have to be a hard task. However, you need a sleeping pad that is built with the need for super easy inflation in mind.

The built-in air pump in this sleeping pad is for this purpose, taking much of the hassle out of the way so you can have your sleeping pad ready for the night in next to no time. All you have to do is stomp or simply hand press for easy inflation of your sleeping pad.

Strong, lasting material

The material of a sleeping pad, just like is the case with any other outdoor gear, determines how reliable your item can get. And it gets even more important, as it also counts when it comes to durability.

I durability is one of the boxes you want to check when shopping for your ideal sleeping pad, then the 75D polyester pongee fabric on this one will catch your eye. And that’s not all; it also boasts an extruded PVC lamination that makes it even more lasting.

Thick comfort

As I mentioned, cushioning is one of the goals that a sleeping pad should be able to help you achieve. Now, although this could boil down to the interior design of the pad, the thickness plays a serious role here as well.

That’s why this ZOOOBELIVES comes with up to 4 inches for that extra cushioning and support. What’s more, with sufficient air padding inside, you can bet this pad will offer you the ultimate comfort inside your tent.

Easy to adjust the firmness

Getting your sleeping pad well inflated is inevitable if you are to get the best out of it. And while it might sound like having it all blown up delivers the best comfort, this isn’t always the case. Moreover, once you are done using it, you still need to deflate it and pack it away.

When it’s time to set the firmness of your sleeping pad to your liking, you’ll love the double-decked outtake valve that this item comes with. This allows you to either release air slowly to the desired firmness or deflates the sleeping pad completely.

Splendid sleeping surface

While sleeping pads are not built to be as wide as your ordinary airbed or cot, it’s still important that it offers enough surfaces to sleep on. Who wants to sleep on an item that is too thin to support their body width or length anyway?

That’s the other thing you might not have to worry about with this sleeping pad unless you’re really on the plus side, as it is spacious enough and still very long.  At 74 inches long by 24 inches wide, it’s enough room to sleep on your favourite camp cot and even more to allow you to wiggle around some. 

Works with various sleeping systems

Performance is of key importance in the world of sleeping pads, but sometimes working on its own is never enough as some extreme conditions call for extra insulation or cushioning. In such cases, you will need to couple other sleeping systems with your sleeping pad to get double the warmth or comfort.

With this sleek but efficient sleeping pad being an all-rounder, it does a great job when it comes to working with other gear to offer you the best comfort despite the extremes. Whether you want to use it with your sleeping pad, cot, or on the tent floor, the versatility of this pad makes it fit just about anywhere.

Packs very small

Another bit that could make a significant difference as far as ease of portability goes has to be the size of your gear, which in most cases depends on how large an individual one is once folded up. And in most cases, the sleek the item the better for easy handling and transportation.

ZOOOBELIVE must have figured this out in the making of this sleeping pad, as it is designed to collapse into a nice little unit that you can carry on your trip with much ease. Measuring a meager 6 inches by 6 inches by 14 inches once packed, you can fit it in most small spaces available.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Several inflation options with the inbuilt pump, but you can also use an electric pump or blow it up when needed; it’s all up to you.

Made of tough and waterproof material that offers you solid support and protects you from any wet or moist ground below.

Considerably lightweight for a sleeping pad this tough, as it weighs only 3.1 lbs despite the solid build and outstanding performance.

It also has snaps that allow you to connect more than one sleeping pad, creating a wide sleeping area for big people or more than one individual.

With an outstanding R-value of 4, this sleeping pad offers a great deal of insulation that can allow you to use it in just about any season; it’s built for all-year-round use.

Thanks to the space frame baffles in the belly of this sleeping pad, you get more support and flexibility, as well as a luxurious feel that allows you to fall asleep fast.

The awesome interior design and the thickness of this sleeping pad make it ideal for both side and back sleepers, as it doesn’t bottom out at night.

Its foot pump also offers another perk besides making the inflation of this item easy and fast; it doesn’t need batteries, which means less cost and inconvenience for you.

With the waterproof design allowing you to stay dry even in moist conditions, this sleeping pad becomes the go-to option for most outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, and others.

Above all, the price for this one is pretty much mid-range, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it, making it worth going for if you don’t want to settle for those cheap options out there.

Quick Specs

  1. R-value: 4
  2. Dimensions open: 74”x24”x4”
  3. Dimensions packed: 6”x6”x14”
  4. Material: 75D Polyester pongee fabric
  5. Seasons: 4-season
  6. Inbuilt pump: yes
  7. Waterproof: yes
  8. Spaceframe baffles
  9. Extruded PVC lamination
  10. Double-decked valve design


  • Great thickness with Spaceframe baffles for support and stability
  • A high R-value of 4 means you can count on it even in extremes
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • The spacious sleeping area and an option to connect two of them
  • Waterproof design and solid material for ultimate performance


  • The pump takes a bit of muscle to use, you need to give it a good stomp before filling up the item
  • A bit slippery when you turn at night, although not far enough to wake up at the wrong side of the tent

Questions And Answers

Question: Is the inbuilt pump easy to use?

Answer: yes it is, easier than having to blow your sleeping pad to the brim and end up feeling like passing out. However, if you want to take it on or if you can’t figure out just how to use the inbuilt pump yet, then you should be able to blow it up without much struggle.

Question: I’m a big person; will this sleeping pad be wide enough for me?

Answer: No problem! If the single pad seems too narrow for comfort, you can always make the most of the snaps and attach two of them, giving you a bit more room to stretch out and sleep in more comfort.  

Here Is A Tip Or Two

If you are planning to use this tent on the ground, you can consider getting a tap for it to help protect the underside, so you can enhance its durability and thus squeeze out the value for your money as much as possible. Also, this could help with the slight skidding of this item, helping it stay put.

In case using the double-decked valve on this sleeping pad seems a bit confusing, remember that the first one is used for adjusting the firmness of the sleeping pad, and the second is for letting air out quickly, which makes it perfect for deflation.


When planning for a camping trip, you should always pick up some of the most essential pieces of gear that are sure to make your time in the wild more comfortable. And this ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad is undoubtedly one of the items you shouldn’t miss on your list.

It’s cozy, keeps you warm and dry, easy to inflate, and packs up small enough making transporting it easy. The wide space it offers as well as the snaps along the sides for connecting two of them for more stretch room is also something you don’t want to miss.

This one got a lot going for it, and we would highly recommend it for just about any outdoor trip that you have your thoughts on. Check it out. 

If you have any more questions about the ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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